Regaine For Men Foam x 73ml Review.

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Regaine For Men Foam x 73ml.

Product Details :

Regaine extra strength scalp foam is used to treat thinning hair and hereditary hair loss in men between the ages of 18 to 49 years and comes in a can so it is quick and easy to apply. Regaine foam is only suitable for men and not to be used by women. Regaine foam works best on men with hair loss or thinning hair at the top of the scalp. You will be unlikely to see any benefit from using Regaine extra strength foam if you are totally bald or have been bald for many years. Regaine Foam contains the active ingredient Minoxidil 5 Percent Regaine foam for men works by preventing further hair loss and helping hair to re grow. It contains Minoxidil which is thought to work by helping the blood flow to the hair follicles on your scalp. Regaine foam can be applied to dry hair after swimming and can be used on dyed hair as long as the person who is applying the colouring massages it gently into your scalp to prevent breakage to the newly grown hair. Once you start to use Regaine foam your hair re growth will be very soft and fluffy at the beginning and may be hard to see.

Product Review.

I’m in my late thirties, I’ve been receeding slowly at the temple of my head since my teenage days which wasn’t too bad to say but as recently having A quick thinning on top, especially at the back with a bit of A bald spot starting to appear (sufficient enough for ( people to notice) so I wanted to give this unique product a blast to see if this has and major impact.

As A result I’m very satisified with the result. For myself, one pack wasn’t sufficient to see results I wanted. By the 2nd bottle I had the shed phase. Yes it is shocking to seeing a lot of hair come out in the shower but definitely go along with it. By the end of the 3rd pack I purchased I started noticing smaller thicker hairs coming through at the front to my suprise so I decided to purchase another pack. I’m only on bottle no 5 but after the shed you should be able to come to your own conclusion whether if this product may work for you.

Do not expect a full head of hair again, I still have a receed at the front which I’m content with. My thinning on top isn’t as negative and I no longer see shiny scalp through my hair on top of my head. I still have A bit bald spot but it’s not as bad and maybe this will improve as time goes by. Basically keep an eye out for an improvement rather than a total hair transformation these products are not magical drugs – for myself this has convinced me enough and to have piece of mind that I will have hair for longer than it is intended.

Definitely worth A try if you can constantly purchase this product. I am aware that I’ll have to dedicate to this for many years if I want to keep my hair and when the time comes to stop using it I will definitely lose a lot of hair which I’m expecting won’t be a very nice experience. consistant is the key but don’t worry too much if you forget or skip A your daily use. I use in the morning after drying my hair from a shower or bath and I put it on as soon as I get in from being out so that I don’t forget.

Good luck everyone !

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