Follicular Unit Transplantation

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Some of the processes that hair replacement has gone through have involved the use of the stereo-microscope to dissect single donor strips into small micrografts, and later “Follicular Unit Transplantation,” the way it is done mostly today. Now with the microscopic dissection of donor pieces of skin from an excised portion of your scalp, individual follicular units containing as few as 4 hairs can be prepared and relocated piece by piece into needle punctures in the recipient areas. It is one physically intriguing process, but one that has it benefits, as you will well agree.|The idea behind hair replacement and transplantation has always been with the intention of reproducing the way hair used to grow on you before you began to lose it. These days it is nearly possible, so that one might boast that close to natural results were attainable. However, it does take some work, and a lot of patience.|There was a lot that was not even considerable in the past with hair replacement when it first started. It has only been technological and scientific advances that have made a hair transplantation process like follicular unit transplantation a possibility, particularly since it has improved much. Today, you can smile into the face of your surgeon knowing that they are backed by years of practice and technological knowhow.

Tell me, will you let a doctor work on your when you know that they are not good at what they do? I think not! That’s why I can tell you that when you need a hair replacement surgery, you had better be looking for the best. Anything short of that and you’d be looking for trouble that you will not easily get out of, courtesy of foul growing hair.|The more minimally invasive your hair replacement surgery is the better for you. This is what researchers and other medical professionals have been able to do with the procedure in recent times. That is why it has become a fad for people who desperately need to save what little hair they have left on their head, and grow back that which they have lost.|Is it possible to do hair replacement with graft incisions that are rather smaller than conventional? I should think that is very possible. Back when skin grafting and transplantation started to be known in the medical community, not a lot of people even heard a lot about small grafts. Now that is about the only way it is done. So if you’re asking if the grafts can be smaller still, I’d tell you that anything is possible with the right surgeon, and the right kind of patience in your mind.

The pleasure of a surgeon in hair replacement is to be able to carry out the procedure with smaller and less invasive incisions. You on the receiving end are bound to appreciate it more when it can be like that. It is more complicated, but it is also neater, and there are lesser chances of complications or adverse reactions taking place like that.|Surgeons have every intention of placing larger numbers of follicular unit grafts with every graft of skin that they move. If they are not able to make this happen, things really get very complicated with the hair replacement procedure and neither you nor the surgeon might like it very much. Hair replacement is a delicate process, getting easier by the day, but tough enough to still require some adroit care. Never forget that as they wheel you into the OR for your first session.}

{There are so many new advances to medical technology today that things formerly unheard of have become an order of the day. Who would have ever thought hair replacement would have been possible just twenty years ago. Kudos to the medical professionals who just would not rest until they have the perfect solution to hair loss and baldness.|Wait up; one thing you need to understand about hair replacement is that it is unique to each individual. The way you look when it is over is entirely dependent on what you want, what you have discussed with the doctor performing the operation, what your doctor understands that you want, and what your hair is able to achieve. It will do you much good to get a good view of what all of these things are before you get into it, so that things do not go wrong along the way.

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